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Nouvatan : Professional Spray Tanning & Self Tanning

Nouvatan is made from 100% Natural, Active, Organic ingredients that are enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E. Containing a delicate Mango fragrance, Nouvatan products are free from harmful Parabens, Alcohol & Oils. This is very important to us in a time where we are all environmentally aware about what we are putting on our skin.



Here at Tan Fantastique, we are Nouvatan  Professionals who have trained in all aspects of Spray Tanning & Self Tanning Application. We provide both a Spray Tanning Service in your home, and also Self Tan products to help maintain your tan. All our Self Tan products are available to purchase


Over the years, we have sampled many different brands of Self Tan, from High Street to Salon Exclusive. Tan Fantastique can honestly say we have finally found a brand that offers a Natural Shade, has great Wear Off and is fantastic Value for Money



Nouvatan is 100% British established in 2008 and are now known as one of the most reputable tanning companies in the UK & Europe

Our retail product range is new for 2013 with already an amazing demand. All our products are British made so you are guaranteed a very high standard, and at the most reasonable prices available.


You will not find our products on the high street as Nouvatan is Professional Quality supplied by Qualified Professionals

We have also been short listed 3 years in a row for Britain’s best tanning supplier by 'The Guild Of Beauty Therapists of Great Britain'.

So there it is… you can certainly see why Nouvatan are on course to being the No1 Tanning Company in the UK & Europe!




Choose from 8% DHA Light Tan - 20% DHA Dark Tan

Spray Tan & Self Tan all contain DHA which reacts with the amino acids in the dead layer of your skin. DHA is NOT absorbed into the body and is NON-TOXIC. It is derived from natural sugar cane and was approved by the FDA in 1973.


DHA rises in % to give a deeper shade of tan which enables us to tailor make a tan to suit your natural skin tones

Nouvatan also contains a special ingredient called Etythrulose - a natural keto-sugar, which reduces streaking, as well as a benefiting from a quick drying effect. So you are not standing like a human mannequin for more than 10 minutes after your tan


Nouvatan is applied via a spray tan gun and takes 8 hours for the tan to fully develop. The tan lasts between 7-10 days but can be extended with the use of our Nouvatan moisturisers, which contain smaller amounts of DHA. Please see "BUY ME" page for product list and prices





Pre-Care Advice

* Shave or Wax 24 hours prior to tan


* Exfoliate all over (especially dry areas like elbows, knees & ankles) this means having a good scrub with a mitt, rough flannel or loafer


* On the day of your spray tan, avoid using any bath/shower products that contain oil, this will act as a barrier and the tan will not take to your skin 

  (check ingredients)


* On the day of your tan DO NOT apply deodorant, moisturiser, perfume or any make-up


* Avoid wearing jewellery where possible (rings, watches, bracelets, earrings) unless you do not mind a white patch underneath.


* Spray tans are not recommended if you have asthma although a mask can be provided


* A spray tan can NOT be applied if you are less than 12 weeks pregnant




Black or dark coloured underwear / bikini. Be aware that the shape of your clothing is the tan line you will be left with so do not wear lace


If you don't want white boobs, go topless




Loose clothing, Boxers or briefs, No socks, Flip - Flops

After Care Advice

* Leave your tan on for the next 8 hours before showering it off with just warm water


* Avoid touching your body immediately after application


* Leave tan to dry for at least 10 minutes before getting dressed allowing it to dry properly


* Avoid replacing jewellery, glasses or make-up within the 8 hour wash off period


* Avoid washing your hands, any activities that make you sweat, going out in snow or rain within 8 hour wash off period


* Use a moisturiser daily that does NOT contains oils (E45 and Coco Butter are good). If you have dry skin, moisturise twice daily


* Avoid baths if possible and take quick showers avoiding exfoliation


* Shave or wax in moderation


* After 7-10 days your tan will start to go patchy, this is when you need to exfoliate in the shower. Moisturising will also help to even out the whiter areas



Our Favourite Nouvatan Proctuct...


After Tan Toning Moisturiser


This luxurious moisturiser will not only prolong your tan, it will help banish those dimples and restore a more toned appearance with this wonderful multi-tasking product


Aloe Vera to soothe, Co-enzyme Q10 and Juniper berry to tighten & tone, Horse Chestnut to improve sluggish circulation, Grapefruit extract and butchers broom to help guard against fluid retention and swelling


200ml Tub


An ideal After Tan product to maintain your spray tan or self tan. Or use as an after sun moisturiser.