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** CND Nails **

                                      CND Acrylic Nail Enhancements


                                      Full Set Clear Tips                         £30

                                      Full Set Forever French                 £30

                                      Full Set Natural Overlays               £25

                                      Full Set French Overlays               £25


                                      CND Enhancement Maintenance


                                      Infills every 2 weeks                      £15

                                      Infills every 3+ weeks                    £18

                                      inc. 2 FREE nail repairs  

                                      Additional Nail Repairs                  £2        


                                      CND Enhancement Removal


                                      Soak Off & Mini Manicure             £15

                                      Soak Off & New Full Set               £35

                                      CND Shellac 2 Week Manicure

                                      Shellac Colour                              £20

                                      Shellac Rock Stars                       £22


                                      CND Shellac 3 Week Manicure

                                      (with Brisa Lite smoothing Gel)

                                      Shellac Colour                              £25

                                      Shellac Rock Stars                       £27



                                      CND Vinylux Nail Polish  Manicure

                                      Includes Cuticle work, File & Shape,

                                      Buff, Vinylux Colour or Vinylux French

                                      Finish                                            £15

                                      CND Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel Manicure

                                      Includes Cuticle Work, File & Shape, Buff,

                                      Brisa Lite Smoothing Gel to help protect

                                      and strengthen natural nail           £20

                                      CND Shellac Removal

                                      with mini manicure                        £10

                                     Removal is FREE when having another

                                     coloured applied in the same appointment

                           ** Eyelashes **

                                 Strip Lashes                       £10 

                                 Cluster Lashes                   £20

                                 Semi Permanent Lashes    £40

                                 Semi Permanent Lash -      £20

                                 Maintanence (2-4 weeks later)



                          ** Spray Tan **

                                 Nouvatan Spray Tan         £20

                                 Spray Tan Party                £15

                                 (min 5 people)


                                 Nouvatan training also available

                                 More info can be found on our training




                          ** Kids Corner **

                                Prices apply for children under 11 year old


                                CND Shellac Manicure                        £15

                                (either colour or rockstar)

                                CND Vinylux Manicure                        £10